At TP Aspire, our goal is to match you as the applicant to the most appropriate university or college. Let’s face it, there are 1000s’ of universities and colleges across many nations.

No student can do the research to see which is most appropriate for you. Even at TP Aspire we do not have the resources to research every institution of higher learning on this Earth.

The DIFFERENCE between you making the right choice and TP is that we have the expertise and experience to guide you to the most appropriate institutes that matches your aspiration, financial circumstances and entry qualification.

We take the STRESS away from you and give you solutions that best matches your qualification and circumstances. This applies both for scholarships (where you are eligible) and fee paying admissions.

We at TP Aspire are:
- A one stop centre that addresses all your queries and requirements
- A centre that has the expertise to help you make the RIGHT decision for your most important step to building your future.
- We are an organization that thrives on TRUST and INTEGRITY

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